We don't have much in the way of profundity to offer on the 100th anniversary of Titanic's loss. We've seen a huge upswing in traffic on our Titanic-related videos over the course of the anniversary, which confirms that interest in the ship's legacy continues going strong a century after her untimely demise.

It's been six years since we posted the first "Model Titanic Sinks" videos, and more than a decade since we built the first sinking models featured in them. Tens of videos and millions of views later, we're happy to have graduated from childish, single-angle, 15-second videos barely worthy of publishing ... to what we offer today. 

We hope our 100th-anniversary tribute video (Model Titanic Sinks & Splits) continues to be watched and appreciated as a respectful reenactment of the famous ship's destruction, and that it continues to inspire new generations of model-sinking fans. Judging by the response it's gotten since we published it in February, that seems guaranteed.

Thanks for watching, everyone. Stay tuned for more. Most of all, though: remember Titanic 's victims on this anniversary.
5/10/2012 01:57:16 pm

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