Since the last post in this sadly neglected blog, that title is what we've been up to! Model Titanic Splits finally got its day in the sun, our second submarine came into existence, and we even found some old footage of our airboat skipping around on some ice! The videos from these efforts combined have been watched almost a million times already ... not a bad autumn, if you ask us. As always, thank you for watching what we're making! 

The coming weeks will see us shoot some more exciting submarine footage, hopefully reintroducing on-board footage and emergency-surface maneuvers into the mix. Also, we've got this crazy idea that we'd like to launch a rocket from a barge out on the bay and land it in the water, with an on-board camera getting a little wet in the process. Add in some how-to video for our popular airplane-launching aircraft carrier, with the possibility of some more ice boat action and the slim chance of some new Titanic footage ... and we've got a great end of 2011 lined up!

Stay tuned, everyone! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter; our activity on both those sites really picks up when we're actively building and filming ... which we're about to do very. soon.

Happy Holidays, all!

-Wille & Mike